Friday, January 27, 2012

October 2011

October was the month we had to watch two heartbreaking losses for the Badgers. Willow played her last soccer game this month; she improved drastically in the time she played. We managed to go to the apple orchard with the girls this year. It's always nice to make applesauce and the outing is fun. We had a small "party" for Andy's birthday and the girls had fun at Amadeus birthday party; the boys will be leaving for a few months soon. Willow took a field trip to the fire and police station. We ended the month with some trick-or-treating on Halloween with a beautiful Princess Jasmine and a cuddly Giraffe. (Lucy 21lbs3oz 31in)

First Day of School

Willow is starting school already!!!

September 2011

September was a huge month of changes. Mandy officially started her new job; it is turning out to be fun, but it always takes awhile to get in to the groove of things and get to know people. The Badger football season started this month!!! Willow started 4K. The first day was a bit rocky, but after that Willow looks forward to going to school every day and has many friends. We have discovered that sending a child to school requires parents to keep track of a lot of details. In August, we left the girls with a babysitter we met at the library for the first time, which went very well. This month Lucy, and Willow, started spending the morning with our daycare lady Sandy. It took several rough weeks for Lucy to adjust, which was torturous as a parent, but she has adjusted and loves being at Sandy's every day. She has started playing with cars and trying to tickle us. Willow continues with her soccer, one practice and one game every week. We are one big busy, but happy family.

August 2011

It's always amazing how fast the summer goes by. Mandy was given a wedding picture from Walter & Henrietta Kuck's wedding from Laurence & Ilis; it's amazing how different they looked back then. Willow finished up her swimming and ballet classes; she has enjoyed them so much that I hope we can go back sometime soon. The last day was a performance of their Snow White dance. She started a soccer league in Whitewater at the end of August; it's a bit of a slow start, but going well. On the 10th, Willow had her 4th birthday and we celebrated with a princess-themed party complete with a castle tent. Mandy met some of her new colleagues this month and did some training and orientation to prepare for the new school year. We went to the open house for Willow's 4K classroom; Lucy seemed to enjoy the room as much as Willow. Next month will be full of new changes for us all.